Training Services / PUBLICATIONS

Here are links to some of the publications that resulted from just 3 of our projects in support of non-profits working in developing countries.
  • Country-wide training roll-out scheme, training modules and instructor guide to train staff of adult male circumcision campaigns in Southern African countries. 2013.

    Trainer's guide: Companion to Health Care Waste Management Training Component of Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Toolkit.
    Supply Chain Management System (SCMS). Scott Ackerson, Marcy Garb, Erin Hasselberg, & Nicole Pahl. September 23, 2013.

    National Orientation Guide: Preparing to Roll-out Health Care Waste Management (HCWM) Training at Male Circumcision (MC) Sites.
    The Training Help Desk,LLC. 2013.

    Training modules and tests.

  • Pharmacovigilance instructor guides for use by Hanoi University of Pharmacy and Vietnam's National Drug Information and Adverse Reaction Monitoring Center to aid in Implementing pharmacovigilance training in Vietnam. Served as lead author of associated technical report. 2012.

    Technical Assistance for the Development of Instructor's Guides for Implementing Pre-service and In-service Curricula on Pharmacovigilance in Vietnam.
    Marcia D. Garb and Mohan P. Joshi. Management Sciences for Health (MSH) - Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems (SPS) Program. 2012.

  • Self-instructional training materials for new dispensers of HIV/AIDs medication in Vietnam: self-instructional training materials, training evaluation and analysis of on-the-job proficiency of those trained with the self-instructional materials. Served as lead author of a report describing the methodology and results of that evaluation. 2009.

    Self-instructional Training for New Medicine Dispensers in Vietnam.
    Garb, M., Folmsbee, J., Gerard, M., & Nguyen, D. Supply Chain Management System (SCMS). 2009.